False Pass, Alaska, United States

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Formerly the False Pass Corporation

About Us


Our triplex

The Isanotski Corporation is the parent company for Isanotski Liquors and Isanotski Grocery as well as running three (3) other main businesses out of our Office; which include a B&B, a check cashing service and our Crab Pot Storage business. The Corporation is striving to make all our businesses profitable for our shareholders and provide much needed jobs and infrastructure in our home town. Above is a picture of our triplex building, built in 19--, the near entryway on the right side of the picture is where our Office/Manager's apartment is located. The other entryway provides access to the ground floor teacher's apartment and the stairs to our spacious B&B which takes up the entire second floor.

Check Cashing


As with any check cashing business we charge a fee to cash your  business check but also charge a city tax that we pay to the City each quarter. This doesn't generate a lot of cash but during the busy months it pays for itself all year long. We do not charge fees to shareholders or employees. We follow all federally mandated rules and regulations for this business as well our bank rules for this type of business.

Crab Pot Storage


We've been running this business for __ years. Our employees love their work and it shows. We regularly receive compliments and kind words about our readiness and quick turn around which is so extremely important when trying to work around or through the weather of the Aleutians and Bering Sea. We try to maintain competitive rates and will need to upgrade our equipment in the near future, we hope this will help keep business steady at the very least given the ups and downs of the fishing fleets, seasons and prices of seafood.



Our Office runs payroll for all our businesses, manages the B&B and also does most if not all of the A/P and A/R for all businesses as well as helping with inventory ordering when needed. We are available year round for shareholder questions, concerns and general information. According to our by-laws we have an Annual Meeting on the second Saturday in December. The Board is then further required to have meetings quarterly. Although depending on the type of business the Corporation is handling at the time meetings are much more frequent.


We provide beds in a three (3) bedroom apartment at $85.00/per person/per night plus 6% bed tax. There are five (5) beds available and a shared large kitchen and living room area with one (1) full bath. Special rates are available for shareholders and long term rentals (monthly). Unless it's a long term rental utilities are included. We are sorry it's not a "true B&B" as meals are not provided in any way unless it's agreed upon beforehand and we have staff available for the task. If for some reason we are providing meals this would change the rate per night.

Teacher's Apartment

We are committed to our community and school! We provide to the school district, housing for our teachers at a reduced rate. Depending on the number of teachers on staff we have a two (2) or three (3) bedroom apartment available for rent exclusively for this purpose. Our students are a top priority for the Corporation.