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World Wide Web Links Links with Information on the False Pass Area

Alaska Dept. of Community & Regional Affairs, (DCRA), False Pass Community Profile,

Aleutians East Borough School District

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Community Development Association (APICDA)

Alaska DCRA-CDQ program

False Pass School-Wolverine Web

Space Shuttle/NASA photos of False Pass closeup/30/to-image/55N/165W.html

NOAA CDQ information

Western Regional Climate Center; Cold Bay, AK climate Summary

The Aleut Corporation

Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC)

The Russian Church & Native Alaskan Cultures

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Grant Aviation (air transport to Cold Bay/Anchorage)

Alaska Marine Highway System

Coastal Transportation, Inc.


Links with information about the State of Alaska:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs

Alaska Limited Entry Commission

Alaska Dept. of Commerce & Economic Development

Pathweb: Info on Alaska

State of Alaska; Home Page

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Alaska Statewide Library Electronic Doorway

National Ice Center

National Climatic Data Center

National Weather Service, Alaska Region

Seafloor Topography at Univ. San Diego

Ducks at a Glance


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