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Land is Our Primary Asset

Isanotski Corporation represents the native people of False Pass who have lived on the these coastal lands for thousands of years. Ancient Aleut village sites are scattered over many of the lands presently owned by the Corporation. Virtually all of our lands are still in their original wilderness state. We are watching development of our lands carefully and have permitted a limited number of acres to be leased, sold and developed near the community of False Pass. We are using a small percentage of our land endowment for residential development. Lands distant from the community are used primarily for subsistence hunting, fishing and trapping by the shareholders and visitors from other areas.

Residential Land:
Since economic development cannot occur without population growth, the Corporation is making land available for residential uses. Some of this land is located in a surveyed subdivision within the community where all standard services are available at the lot boundary. Other lands will be made available as the need arises. Individuals interested in buying or leasing land for their own residential use should contact the Corporation. Please see the Community Page for a map showing the location of residential land.

Commercial Land:
The Corporation leases commercial land to fisheries support businesses near the new City Dock and the site for the new small boat harbor that is to be built in 2005.

Scenic Land:
The lands owned by the Corporation cover a wide variety of scenic landscapes. It is no exaggeration to say that many of these landscapes are of world class, so beautiful that such scenes are seldom seen except in national parks. Landscapes in the area vary from high glaciated volcanoes to sheer cliffs dropping into the sea and expansive tundra plains dotted with myriads of lakes. The essential natural forces that forged this landscape over the millennia such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, glaciation, running water and wind are still very active today. These forces give our area a very dynamic wild character which, when experienced, will never be forgotten. The Isanotski Corporation is committed to protect the beauty and integrity of this landscape. Please see the Photo Gallery and Eco-Tourism web pages to get a visual impression of the area.

Wildlife Land:
A large percentage of the lands owned by the Isanotski Corporation have very high value for wildlife. This value has been recognized by the federal government and all the lands adjoining Corporation lands have been added to the National Wildlife Refuge System to insure that the habitat for wildlife in the area is fully protected. The Corporation is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife habitat on its own lands. It is committed to preserve these habitats so that wildlife can flourish and the local lifestyle of subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering can continue indefinitely. The Corporation owns lands near the community that have already been disturbed by human activities and these lands will be used for commercial and residential development. In 1999 the Corporation finalized an agreement to sell over 8,000 acres of land to a conservation organization. This land will be administered by the USFWS primarily for the protection of Tundra Swan habitat.

Map of Isanotski Corporation Lands:


Land Use Policy:
The Corporation Board has approved a formal Land Use Policy that it expects all users of our lands to adhere to. A copy of this policy is available from the Corporation office. The policy covers the use of Corporation land by shareholders and non-shareholders alike. It also outlines specific policies regarding recreation, hunting and fishing. If you would like to use any of our lands, please request a copy of the Land Use Policy beforehand. For those people interested in tourism, please see our web page on Eco-tourism to get more details and our Links and Community Pages for addresses and telephone numbers.