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Welcome to the Isanotski Corporation.

We are an Alaska Native corporation in False Pass, Alaska. We are located on Unimak Island, the first Aleutian Island, midway between the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

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False Pass is located on Isanotski Strait at the tip of the Alaska Peninsula. Isanotski Strait is the most important pass for fishermen traveling between the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. Fishermen all over Alaska know our location as "The Pass".

Fishing is the most important economic activity in the area. The Isanotski Corporation is doing all it can to support the fishing industry. The Corporation operates a Crab Pot and Fishing Gear Storage, a grocery store and a package liquor store to support the salmon, cod, halibut and crab fleets. Other fisheries support businesses are being planned.

The Isanotski Corporation owns nearly all the land along both sides of Isanotski Strait between the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. Corporation lands are rich in wildlife, possess exceptional scenic beauty and are in their original wilderness state. The Corporation leases land near the community for commercial purposes and makes land available for residential use.

Please review the pages on this site to learn more about the Isanotski Corporation and the services it provides. In these pages you will also learn more about our community and the wilderness that surrounds us.

Note: The headline background graphic is a drawing made in about 1883 by H.W. Elliott showing Aleuts hunting Sea Otter off Sanak Island near False Pass. Drawing courtesy NOAA Archives.

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Updated on 28 September 2012